16 Songs / 22 years ©2012 Lindo - (lindo 016, 2012)

16 Songs / 22 years


  • Evelyn Blumenau - voc
  • Manfred Scharf - acc
  • Klaus Schuch - gtr
  • Robert Worel - bass
  • St. Stephan Lanner - drums
  • Ludwig Zeininger - kbd
  • Erik Glaser - voc
  • Robert Resac - paint
  • Anette Scoppetta - photo
  • Georg Hoanzl - distr
  • Jürgen Plank - label


This is an intriguing album. ... I have to say that there is more fun listening here than on many tighter albums. The songs are excellent and the quality playing is full of surprises and there is plenty for folk fans as well as rockers. Worldly, eclectic, broad range tastes… and just when you thought it could not get stranger, the sixteenth song is a 13-minute accordion folk song that sneaks in a spacey electric guitar fade-out twist. Come on, take the challenge and see what you think of this very cool album. FolkWorld - David Hintz
The music of the Viennese formation stands for diversity, originality, artistic ambition and openness, for independence and playfulness. .... Over the years, Novi Sad have developed their very own universal and universally understandable sound language, one that knows how to inspire and touch lovers of all styles. A feat that not many achieve. music austria - mt

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  1. majestic 03:23 w: Schuch m: Schuch
  2. settimana prossima 01:50 w: Blumenau m: Blumenau
  3. miracles 03:20 w: Schuch m: Schuch
  4. ungargassenland 05:46 w: Blumenau m: Zeininger
  5. die welt ist verborgen 04:35 w: Blumenau m: Blumenau
  6. lobotomy 05:27 w: Schuch m: Schuch
  7. bumm tsuika 00:58 m: Glaser
  8. potful of milk 04:54 w: Schuch m: Schuch
  9. paulina 03:28 w: Blumenau m: Blumenau
  10. big black sun 06:25 w: Schuch m: Schuch
  11. europe's other side 05:53 w: Schuch m: Schuch
  12. soft as snow 04:24 w: Schuch m: Schuch
  13. lullaby for m. 02:58 w: Schuch m: Schuch
  14. euro-X-mas 02:56 w: Blumenau m: Schuch
  15. hagazussa 05:46 w: Blumenau m: Schuch
  16. in the air - somewhere 13:15 w: Blumenau m: Blumenau