Music for the time after Rock'n'Roll ©1999 World Culture Aid - (WCA72)

Music for the time after Rock'n'Roll


  • Evelyn Blumenau - voc
  • Klaus Schuch - gtr
  • Robert Worel - bass
  • Manfred Scharf - acc
  • Peter Utvary - mix


**** ...They weave pop, alternative rock, European folk-rock, and psychedelic sounds together in a clever and seamless manner. Evelyn Blumenau has a voice whose qualities fluctuate between those of Dolores O'Riordan and Grace Slick and an artistic songwriting style that consistently produces beautiful yet haunting melodies ... AllMusic - Dave Sleger
... at first an irritating mixture of neo-rock, rock-jazz, wild poetry and straight heavy, abstract eccentricity and groove ... ... this is indeed a new Austrian sound, excellent and most exiting, fitting no category ... VOR-Magazin

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  1. No Chorus 01:00 w: Blumenau m: Blumenau
  2. Yeah 03:39 w: Schuch m: Schuch
  3. Paulina 03:28 w: Blumenau m: Blumenau
  4. Not over soon 04:19 w: Schuch m: Schuch
  5. Potful of Milk 04:54 w: Schuch m: Schuch
  6. Puberty Ballad 02:12 w: Schuch m: Schuch
  7. Backyard of Eden 05:00 w: Schuch m: Schuch
  8. Music for the time after Rock'n'Roll 03:00 w: Schuch m: Schuch
  9. Lady says (TV jokes and sad magazines) 04:02 w: Schuch m: Schuch
  10. Blue 04:01 w: Schuch m: Schuch
  11. Sixteen 04:53 w: Blumenau m: Blumenau
  12. Big black sun 06:25 w: Schuch m: Schuch
  13. Again 02:14 w: Blumenau m: Blumenau