Wunderschönes Tier ©2021 Schallter/monkey - Rough Trade - (SchallCD008)

Wunderschönes Tier


  • Evelyn Blumenau - voc
  • Klaus Schuch - gtr
  • Robert Worel - bass
  • St. Stephan Lanner - drums
  • Manfred Scharf - acc
  • Josef Resch - kbd
  • Walter Gloessl - sax
  • Sara Raiby - voc
  • Dow Jones Index Brothers - voc
  • Chris Janka - mix
  • Robert Eder - mastering
  • Andrea Neumann - photo
  • Elisabeth Nurmal Khairi - graphic


... extravagant pop music ... stylistically between indie, folk, chanson and periphery. Mario Lang
... a special literary rock experience. Very worthy of being performed in the Vienna Konzerthaus or the Radiokulturhaus. Luis Stabauer
Evelyn Blumenau and her fellow musicians prove once again that they have a feeling for the musically special, for the sound that entertains as well as challenges in the most beautiful way. Michael Ternai
In any case, "Wunderschönes Tier" does well in the already more than respectable Novi Sad catalogue of works. On a fairly balanced palette of styles, on which elements of chanson, pop - sometimes at a brisker pace - and indie folk with the characteristically accentuated accordion shine out, the borderline walk between surrealism, a touch of madness, existential insecurity, dissatisfaction and admonishing inklings of lost feelings about life and death are practised. Bruno Jaschke

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  1. Irrenwärter 03:49 w: Schwetz m: Schuch
  2. Fliegende Schiffe 03:56 w: Schwetz m: Schuch
  3. Fiebermesser 03:30 w: Schwetz m: Schuch
  4. Kann sein 03:24 w: Schwetz m: Schuch
  5. Wunderschönes Tier 04:08 w: Schwetz m: Schuch
  6. Möglichkeiten 03:45 w: Schwetz m: Schuch
  7. Sex für Sex 05:41 w: Schwetz m: Schuch
  8. Fast was 02:03 w: Schwetz m: Schuch
  9. Nach Osten 03:47 w: Schwetz m: Schuch
  10. Liebes Nichts 04:49 w: Schwetz m: Schuch
  11. Das Blaue vom Himmel 04:09 w: Schwetz m: Schuch
  12. Irrenwärter (Radio Edit) 03:34 w: Schwetz m: Schuch
  13. Dunkelmond (nur online) 03:38 w: Schwetz m: Schuch
  14. Vogelmann (nur online) 02:25 w: Schwetz m: Schuch
  15. Fliegende Schiffe (Sax Mix) (nur online) 03:56 w: Schwetz m: Schuch