europe's other side ©2003 World Culture Aid - (WCA80)

europe's other side


  • Evelyn Blumenau - voc
  • Klaus Schuch - gtr
  • Manfred Scharf - acc
  • Robert Worel - bass
  • Martina Cizek - sax
  • St. Stephan Lanner - drums
  • Werner Menzl - perc
  • Erik Glaser - voc
  • Josef Benedikt - voc
  • Katharina Wech - voc
  • Dow Jones Index Brothers - voc
  • Robert Resac - paint
  • Anette Scoppetta - photo
  • Peter Utvary - mix


For approximately 15 years, the Austrian band NOVI SAD has been one of the best kept secrets amongst the better known musical groups performing quality pop-music. ... The songs of Novi Sad are oriental in style with an emphasis on Balkan folk-music. "Europe's other side" - is not only the title of the new CD, but a political statement too. A declaration of solidarity with the poorest countries of Europe. - NOVI SAD have developed through the years, exchanging a speedy tempo for a very melodic sound ... ORF - ZiB 1 - 17.11.2003
Go East, or open your heart to the world, even if your life feels hopeless. Take it with a sense of humour: "Help Michael Douglas, but help me too!" This could be the motto of the new CD "Europe's Other Side", released by this Viennese Band, their sixth album, which was recorded unplugged, for the most part, and presents - nevertheless - a wide musical range: Country, pop and even punk reminiscences can be heard on it. The accordion which is pictured on the cover is a dominant musical feature, sometimes playing the main role and sometimes accompanying the songs in a most pleasing way. Novi Sad builds bridges between east and west, between the well-known and the unknown, between art and commerce: Great! Skug (57/03) - Manfred Holawe


  1. europe's other side 05:53 w: Schuch m: Schuch
  2. song for a love (or for a skinking heart) 03:17 w: Schuch m: Schuch
  3. paradise 05:20 w: Schuch m: Schuch
  4. sarajewo 01:21 w: Schuch m: Schuch
  5. is that all 04:37 w: Schuch m: Schuch
  6. soft as snow 04:24 w: Schuch m: Schuch
  7. salad days 02:26 w: Schuch m: Schuch
  8. on the ground 04:37 w: Schuch m: Schuch
  9. pscht! 00:06
  10. from your east-african paradise 03:16 w: Schuch m: Schuch
  11. time 05:46 w: Schuch m: Schuch