himmel and hölle ©2016 Lindo - (lindo 023)

himmel and hölle


  • Evelyn Blumenau - voc
  • Klaus Schuch - gtr
  • Manfred Scharf - acc
  • Josef Resch - kbd
  • St. Stephan Lanner - drums
  • Walter Gloessl - sax
  • Erik Glaser - voc
  • David Siedl - gtr
  • Hans Tschiritsch - voc
  • Betty Ford Clinic Choir - voc
  • Dow Jones Index Brothers - voc
  • Christian Schwetz - txt
  • Peter Cebul - mix
  • Chris Janka - mix, mastering
  • Elisabeth Nurmal Khairi - graphic
  • Mi -KU - photo
  • Jürgen Plank - label
  • Georg Hoanzl - distr


Those who know Novi Sad know that the band has a really wide spectrum of sounds, but in the latest works they enlarge it once again: instrumental mix and rhythmic ecstasy mixed with jazzy melodies and a bit of electronics give the band a different, but still familiar sound. Evelyn Blumenau's voice is wonderful as always, guiding the emotions as she wants. Pictures are created in the individual songs; not only the lyrics, but also the musical underpinnings of the voice paint sceneries from Vienna, from the world, from the universe. ... The special thing about the album is that you can listen to it casually and intensely at the same time: It runs super in the background, does not impose itself, but if you listen more intensively, it is exciting and delights the heart of music lovers. ... every time you listen to a particular song again, you discover new textures and elements. ... Despite the 27-year duration of their band career, the five still find new approaches to their music, renew, restore and create new, old, everyday. The now tenth album of Novi Sad is a truly great work ... mica - Antonia Seierl

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  1. 1000 Blicke 07:43 w: Blumenau m: Blumenau
  2. The Lights Are Out 05:45 w: Schuch m: Schuch
  3. Falling Into Pieces 06:05 w: Schuch m: Schuch
  4. Going South Bgld. 07:55 w: Schuch m: Schuch
  5. Der geteilte Himmel 06:25 w: Schwetz m: Schuch
  6. Café Hegel 05:40 w: Schwetz m: Schuch
  7. Von meiner Weiten 05:23 w: Blumenau m: Blumenau
  8. Great Ocean Road 05:50 w: Schuch m: Schuch
  9. Everything (Part 1) 02:21 w: Schuch m: Resch & Schuch
  10. Everything (Part 2) 01:38 w: Schuch m: Schuch