Best OFF + Wunderschönes Tier ©2022 monkey / Schallter - (Schall049)

Best OFF + Wunderschönes Tier


The double LP is like a gift from the cloudy Viennese musical sky. Exclusively German-language songs that are situated between thoughtfulness and clarity. A collector's item at its best. 4.2.2022 Der Haubentaucher
If you like Element of Crime, you will also like the Viennese band Novi Sad. Austrovinyl
More than three decades after their formation, the "grand masters of the intimate pop song" (Falter) are in top form! Walter Gröbchen
An almost mysterious spirit surrounds this band, which does not allow itself to be deterred and tirelessly goes its own special way. They combine poetry - the lyrics are written either in German or English - with complex arrangements and diverse musical ideas, which they are always able to implement coherently. Whether indie folk, rock, soul and jazz sounds, art or pop song. With this fine vinyl edition, on two long-playing discs, this best of all so far not sufficiently appreciated bands is given an appropriate space. Concerto

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Side 1

  1. Volunteers 03:30 w: Schuch m: Schuch
  2. Blue 04:01 w: Schuch m: Schuch
  3. Me, myself, all over again 05:50 w: Schuch m: Schuch
  4. The lights are out 05:51 w: Schuch m: Schuch
  5. No Chorus 01:00 w: Blumenau m: Blumenau

Side 2

  1. Settimana Prossima 02:46 w: Blumenau m: Blumenau
  2. Kleinstadtplan 04:49 w: Schuch m: Schuch
  3. Lebwohl 04:46 w: Schwetz m: Schuch
  4. Bissl Leben 02:43 w: Schwetz m: Schuch
  5. Wortakrobaten 03:28 w: Schwetz m: Schuch
  6. Die Wöd is so bitter 03:02 w: Jandl m: Schuch

Side 3

  1. Irrenwärter 03:49 w: Schwetz m: Schuch
  2. Fliegende Schiffe 03:56 w: Schwetz m: Schuch
  3. Fiebermesser 03:30 w: Schwetz m: Schuch
  4. Kann sein 03:24 w: Schwetz m: Schuch
  5. Wunderschönes Tier 04:08 w: Schwetz m: Schuch

Side 4

  1. Sex für Sex 05:41 w: Schwetz m: Schuch
  2. Fast was 02:03 w: Schwetz m: Schuch
  3. Nach Osten 03:47 w: Schwetz m: Schuch
  4. Liebes Nichts 04:49 w: Schwetz m: Schuch
  5. Das Blaue vom Himmel 04:09 w: Schwetz m: Schuch