Novi Sad featuring Lilian

NOVI SAD are the pioneers of the Viennese independent scene (Wiener Zeitung), the grand masters of intimate pop song at its best (Walter Gröbchen), and at the same time the best of all bands not sufficiently appreciated so far (Concerto). 
Live they are a stunner anyway. Lilian Grof's soulful voice brings the warming cement to the band's complex music, which oscillates crossover between rock, minimal, chanson, indie folk and noise, between calm and dynamic.
The music magazine Austrovinyl tried to put it this way: "If you like Element of Crime, you will also like the Viennese band Novi Sad". We mean: NOVI SAD are leaping away from Element of Crime, are more lively, more unpredictable, but still full of poetry! 
Current albums: Best OFF and Wunderschönes Tier (monkey/Schallter/Rough Trade)
WUK project room: 14.4.2023
Admission: 15,00