"Beautiful Beast" is the name of Novi Sad's latest album. And, yes, it has become beautiful - and already finished recording. But in order to be able to adequately package and promote it beautifully, to make the release of this work also on vinyl possible and to generally direct the spotlight with increased radiance on the history and present of Novi Sad, your help is needed. It shall be richly rewarded. Because we have also come up with all kinds of extras and goodies in the context of "Wunderschönes Tier" - from the book to the album to the intimate garden/living room concert. Of course, you can also order the recordings in advance at a special price. There is no risk involved: if our project does not materialize, the amount paid will be refunded. Here you can find more info!

We need you!

Support our vinyl project "Wunderschönes Tier" and "Best OFF" (!) (work show)